From Redundancy to Regrowth

Dealing with redundancy can be emotionally and mentally challenging.

Here are some steps that you can take to help you cope during this challenging time: 


  1. Acknowledge your feelings: Allow yourself time to grieve and process your emotions. 
  2. Make sure that you understand the process and how it works, ensure to get a legal professional to review the termination agreement for you before you sign it. 
  3. Ask any questions that you have and make sure you are clear on all entitlements as part of the process.
    Questions such as what happens to my company Pension?
    Health Insurance, how many days holidays am I entitled to as part of this process.  
  4. Remember that your job does not define who you are. You are a son/daughter, sibling, friend and maybe also a parent, you are so much more than your job. 
  5. Reach out and talk to family and friends, surround yourself with loved ones. You may also consider talking to a professional therapist. 
  6. Try to stay positive, focus on the positive aspects of your life and future opportunities. 
  7. Update your CV and have it ready to circulate as opportunities arise.   
  8. Your Golden Circle, if you looked in your phone contacts right now, who are 10 people who can support/help you in this time of transition.  
  9. Consider coaching, which can help you to identify what your next steps are and how you will get there.  
  10. Don’t make any big life decisions immediately, you are still processing what is happening.  
  11. Network and look for job opportunities, make use of your professional network to find new job prospects and make connections. 
  12. Use this time to invest in your personal and professional growth by learning new skills.
    Do you have a hobby or past time that you are passionate about and possibly could make a pivot too? 
  13. Manage your finances during this transition period by creating a budget and sticking to it.
    Reach out to your bank and any other institutions, let them know about your change in circumstances and ask about any support’s that may be available to you during this time.

Remember, Redundancy is a difficult situation but it is not the end of your Career. Take this time to reflect, regroup and make a plan for your future.


I can help you with the next steps:

  • CV Update
  • Interview Prep
  • Coaching
  • and much more ….

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