6 things I’ve learned since starting my HR Consultancy business


I am celebrating 6 months in business today, and I thought it would be helpful to share 6 things I’ve learned along the way.


  1. Learn : Start Your Own Business programme. I would highly recommend this programme offered by your local LEO. Whether you are still development mode for starting your own business or you have already started. I have learned so much from this programme, that I have already applied to my business.
  2. Networking : It is so important to start meeting other business owners and exchanging ideas and tips. We all know that running a business can be isolating. There are many different types of networks local, nationwide and global (with wifi you can attend so many virtual networking events too).
  3. Take action, make it happen : There is a community of support available to you. But you need to put yourself out there in order to avail of this support.
  4. Marketing : Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. No one will know who you are and what you can do unless you tell people.
  5. Online Presence: I didn’t appreciate how important it is to have an online presence. It’s essential in today’s world. Although it can be daunting to learn, engaging the services of a Social Media Expert who can train and mentor you makes a huge difference. It certainly has for me.
  6. Good Connections : Surround yourself with good people who are like-minded. Other business owners will understand your drive, passion and the challenges that crop up along the way. (And there will be challenges!)

Please feel free to share your own experience of things you’ve learned, since you started in business. I would like to thank you all for your support so far on this journey.


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